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LiSA a Pop Rock Goddess


Risa Oribe(織部 里沙) better known as LiSA(an acronym for Love is Same All) is one of my favorite Japanese singers. She’s best known for her work on Angel Beats! as the second vocalist for the fictional band Girls Dead Monster. She lends her singing voice to the character Yui. “Ichiban no Takaramono (Yui final ver.)” is the song that made me an instant fan of LiSA. The first time ever hearing the song it was an emotional experience since the song is very sad and touches your heart. Every time I have watched a live YouTube video of her singing this song by the end of the song she’s in complete tears.
She made her first solo appearance in the Japanese music scene in April of 2011 with her mini-album Letters to U. She composed the track “Believe in Myself” and she wrote all the lyrics for that album. She released her first solo single “Oath Sign” in November 2011, which was the opening song for the anime Fate/Zero. She finally released her first solo album in February of 2012 called Lover”s”mile. She released her second single in August of 2012 “Crossing Field” which was the first opening for the anime Sword Art Online. Her third single “Best Day, Best Way” will be out next month on April 3rd.
I’ve been following her music since I heard her sing for the anime Angel Beats! All of her music is fantastic to me, she puts so much emotion into every single song and performance. One of my favorite things about her is her positive outlook on life. I have been reading her blog for a little over a year now. Everything she talks about in her blog always make me smile and laugh literally out loud. She has a great love for her fans and always talks about them in her blog and shows off all the lovely gifts they have sent her from cards, candy, and Toy Story collectables especially of Woody her favorite character. Her personality is absolutely awesome and I hope one day I can meet her because we both have similar outlooks on life.
My other favorite thing about her is her amazing fashion sense. Her style on stage is absolutely kawaii(cute in Japanese) always wearing cute tutus and tights. She is a huge fan of fashion and is always talking about the next seasons clothing and not being able to wait to wear it. It’s very cute! Her style is very Harajuku but also has a very rock inspired look to most outfits. She also likes designing clothes and hopefully one day have her own fashion line in the future.
Hope everyone enjoyed this article! And as LiSA always says at the end of every blog post:
Be happy.
Todays another great day.

Bonus Video:


TOKYO STATION VISION 東京駅 復原記念しCG映像投影 赤れんがに浮

This is awesome had to share it with everyone. Enjoy!

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Official E3 2012 Trailer

Beautiful! Everything Level 5 and Studio Ghibli make are magnificent. This shall be a masterpiece!

Kyarypamyupamyu’s PV of Candy Candy

She is rad! Enjoy!

Soulcalibur V Graffiti

Graffiti artist paint an awesome mural in London’s East End. The song in it is by Lazy Habits from the UK.

Acid trip anyone?


My sister’s Darkstalker’s Tribute entry

Sadly she didn’t make it into the book.  Here’s her entry:



My sister’s latest assignment, had to take the word smooth and make it her interpretation of that word in a drawing.   And this is what she did.  Enjoy!


My Sister’s Lil’Red Riding Hood


Lil’Red, one of her current projects for her class.   She’s in school now for her degree in Illustration.  Told me everyone in her class loves it besides  her teacher saying her Lil’Red isn’t cute.   More art on her deviantArt page!!

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