Latest PV’s and MV’s

Here are the latest PV’s and MV’s out of Japan and South Korea that I recently have enjoyed. Hope you enjoy them as well.

First up is a new song from the amazing Shiina Ringo called “Irohanihoheto”. It’s a rather cool and artistic video with her walking through a bamboo forest.

The next video is from the K-pop group 9Muses called “Wild”. It’s an extremely sexy video!

I absolutely love this next video from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu it’s called “Invaders Invaders”. The bizarreness of her videos always put a smile on my face.

Here’s a new video from Vanilla Beans called “Muscat Slope Love”. The song it self has a very old timey feel to it while the video is rather cute.

4minute just had their comeback and this is the title track from their mini album called “What’s your name?”. The video is of course sexy, but the song is your typical bubble gum pop song.

Newest MV from JUNIEL who has an amazing voice. This video is called “Pretty Boy”. Very cute video and love her pink jacket and cute white tutu outfit.

Our last video is from Perfume the new PV is titled “Magic of Love”. It’s a somewhat trippy video due to the way they shot it. Every Perfume video and song always put me in a happy mood.

I wanted to put up Miwa’s new PV “Miracle” up but couldn’t find a video I could embed. It actually made me tear up a bit. I recommend checking it out if you like beautiful songs or are a fan of Miwa.

Hope you enjoyed these videos and my post.
Take care!


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