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Yoko Kanno – I do



LITE – Bond PV


Regina Spektor – Laughing with


Yoko Kanno – Rakuen~secret garden

One of the most beautiful songs from Wolf’s Rain. Yoko Kanno is truly a genius.

Yoko Kanno – Waratteta


Journey soundtrack is bliss!

The music from the game Journey is some of the most magnificent my ears have ever heard in my life.


She’s absolutely amazing in my opinion. From her voice to her skill on the piano. Really wish I would have heard of her sooner. Enjoy!

Aurora borealis in northern Norway

Absolutely breathtaking timelapse!

Aurora Timelapse. Fire in the sky. from Anna Possberg on Vimeo.

3rd Eye Visionaries – The Art of The Dig

From their upcoming album I believe. Enjoy!

Ayumi Hamasaki PV – NaNaNa

Haven’t been able to find another video of this song but youku does. Can’t embed youku videos with Here the link to the video on youku, sorry for the inconvenience. Enjoy!

Ayumi Hamasaki PV – NaNaNa

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