A year that ended magnificently!

2011 turned out being the best year in my life. The year may have not started too great but it ended in a way I never could’ve ever anticipated. I grew as a person in many different aspects over the year. I came out of my shell finally, I learned to have faith in myself and finally found my confidence. I also started to share my insights about the world to many of my friends. Two very important people came into my life during the year. One showed me that I could obtain something that I never thought was possible. The other person that came to my life made me realize that dreams can actually true,
When 2011 started I was still in a lot of pain but I learned to finally overcome that pain. For the first couple of months I spent most of my time on my bed due to a medical problem that caused me unbearable pain. But that problem was finally fixed in the late spring of the year. And I finally was able to start sleeping through the night once again since I was able to get more help for the nights. For the most part I was pain free and any pain I did have I was able to block it out with my mind. Towards the end of the year, I was given a great bill of health, and even lost more weight.
I did lots of thinking throughout 2011 and started to realize how I could start helping others. I became very philosophical, and would slowly post my thoughts on how to be a better person. For anyone that wanted to listen to what I had to say. Even though at first, it seemed like nobody cared to hear my words of wisdom but then I could finally see that people were listening to what I had to say. By knowing that I finally realized my purpose is to help others so they can find peace within them and spread that peace to the people in their lives.
This year I also met one of my best friends, who showed me my true potential. He told me I was able to find a girl, because I was kinder, cared more about others and was different than most men. He said that I was such a likable person that finding a girl was actually possible. He also showed me how to be more confident and to never put myself down, because before this that was all I did. He made me realize that being positive instead of thinking negative thoughts because positive things would happen to me if I stayed positive. He was absolutely correct and for that I’m truly grateful.
The best thing that actually happened to me in 2011 was finding the girl who I believe is the other half my soul. She was the first person to ever accept me even though I am disabled. She saw past all that showed me that anything was truly possible. She is the most special person to ever come into my life, though she is on the opposite side of the world. She inspired me to stop hiding behind my disability and become the person I was always meant to be. I am truly blessed that she came into my life.
I also got to be in one of my other best friend’s wedding and was able to be part of the most important moment in his life. Many other wonderful events also happened this year. I got to spend a lot of time with friends and family and was given an awesome 30th birthday party, which I got to spend with all of them.
This year might have started out horribly, but ended in such a wonderful and exciting way. I foresee 2012 being even more wonderful than 2011. I hope that many life changes will happen for me in the coming year and beyond.

Top 10 moments of my life 2011
10. Making it to the age of 30, thanks to my disease progressing very slowly.
9. Accepting myself as I am, should’ve accepted myself a long time ago.
8. Being in excellent health and my heart hasn’t changed in six years.
7. Finally standing up for myself, finally told somebody that was in my life for 10 years that I could not live my life with him in it, because I would just be in a negative mood around that person.
6. Finding inner peace
5. Understanding the world around me even better, with all the horrible things going on in the world. I came to an understanding that bad things happen to most people, because most people are horrible.
4. Knowing my purpose in life, realizing that helping others could actually change the world for the better.
3. Started writing my biography finally, found the inspiration to start writing it.
2. Making a new best friend, one of the coolest and most insightful people I ever met.
1. Finding the one, self-explanatory and it’s all you need to know

Things I want to accomplish in 2012
10. Finish my book; hopefully many people will want to read the finished product.
9. Going to Singapore, to meet somebody very special to me.
8. Become an excellent Asian music freelance writer/blogger, I believe the next musical craze in the Western world will be Asian music, which I have a great passion for.
7. Help make the world more peaceful, to try my best to let others know that peace is actually possible even though it will be very hard to make happen.
6. Make people treat the environment the right way, most people haven’t noticed that all this crazy weather that has happened over the last few years is actually caused by us and we need to change that or we are all doomed.
5. To get better at my Japanese, so I can understand it well enough to at least hold a conversation with a Japanese person.
4. Do everything I’ve been afraid to do, like finding a job that I have a great passion for I have a couple ideas. But they will have to wait for the latter part of the year
3. Try many different types of food I never have tried, which my trip to Singapore will be trying many new foods. But I’ve always been a huge fan of food from around the world and would like to eat more of it.
2. Spread my happiness to everyone around me, hopefully my happy outlook in life and my laughter can bring happiness to everyone that comes into my life.
1. Make a life changing decision; this will probably be the hardest decision of my life, but if I want to be happy I will have to do it.

Hope 2012 will bring wonderful memories and good fortune to everyone throughout the year. Enjoy the coming year my friends!!! Hopefully the world won’t end like some crazy people are predicting. Should have my best of lists up in the next couple of days. Enjoy life everyone!


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