Power of Music

Have you ever listened to a song that changed your life? I believe music can bring immense happiness and peace to our world. Any song that inspires you, brings you joy and happiness, or makes you become a better person. These types of songs can be the catalyst we desperately need to occur within our societies to start moving us towards peace. My goal is to bring artists from all over the world together and create a song that will encompass the world with vibes of happiness. This song must inspire people to be loving and kind to every living thing, make the listeners full of happiness inside and out, and to change the way they view the world around them for the better. Some of you probably think I’m spouting crazy nonsense, but whenever I’m feeling depressed I play a song that always makes me feel happy and It makes those thoughts just magically disappear. This simple thing can change the way you feel.

What if we could use something ever so simple to help bring peace into our crazy world? I first realized this when I started listening to Genki Rockets 1st album “Heavenly Star”. Every time I would listen to that album I would feel pure happiness. Which in turn made me realize what great power music truly holds. There are a plethora of songs that can make you feel certain things like love, inspiration, or sorrow.

If this song of happiness is created all it needs is a fraction of our population to hear it. Then with their happiness it will trigger it in people around them and hopefully it will start to heal our world from all the horrible things that happen every single day. I think if we don’t start this healing very soon we will destroy ourselves and the world. Change must go in the positive direction which isn’t currently happening. If you just turn the news for a few minutes and watch it, usually 80% of the stories are about people hurting each other, animals and even our environments. One day I hope all we see on the news is stories of peace, joy and unity.

I have experienced what always seems like impossible trails my whole life, but they made me understand things most will never understand in their lives. I feel my purpose in life is to try and let humanity see the way to true peace. I will use the great power that music can produce to bring peace to us all.


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