I have MD and am in a wheelchair. But even though I am not able to walk it doesn’t mean I can’t live a normal life. I do not really fall into any stereotypes most think about people like me. I have experienced many things in my life and I am very philosophical because of those experiences. I want to show the world that there are people with disabilities out there that can lead normal lives. As I’ve gotten older, I have a greater understanding of how the world around us affects us all. I believe that I can change how most think about people like me. I find it very sad that many people will not give somebody like me a chance because of their situation. I want to open people’s eyes to see things the way I see the world. Our world is such a beautiful place, but most will never get to experience its true beauty.
And if I can do that, anything is possible. Many people can’t seem to comprehend what purpose your life should entail. We are giving one life and instead of loathing most things embrace your life. Everyone tries to figure out the true meaning of life, I may have found the meaning. It is an ever so simple meaning; it involves compassion and love for all living things. To live in harmony with everything is the key. Doing good deeds for other will in turn make them do a good deed. Doing this could actually bring peace to the world. But there is one problem, hatred within a majority of people. The corruption we see on a daily basis whether it be witnessing in your life or seeing it on your television. It is disgusting that we hate each other for our beliefs or the way we look. Most of humanity needs to be awoken to the fact that everyone is different, but that shouldn’t make you hate another person. What else we must give to one another is the freedom to live your life the way you see fit.
You may question why I say these things even though so many live in deplorable conditions. It is very upsetting that there are so many people that go hungry everyday and persecuted by unfair laws of tyrannical leaders and overlords. If everyone on this planet could just see that this is a way nobody should ever live. We are all connected even if you don’t want to believe that but we are all one. We are each one strand of a collective fate; if we keep going down this path of darkness we are all fated for doom. Mother earth has been slowly showing us signs lately we must stop destroying her. These are signs we should all understand as a cry for us to stop. The governments and corporations seem to have only one care and that is greed. Greed in turns hurts our environments and is slowly poisoning everything including man. Extremely weird odd natural events keep happening including more powerful storms and devastating earthquakes some which are happening where they shouldn’t be. I see these horrible, natural disasters as Mother Nature’s warning us if we don’t stop a great natural cataclysm shall befall us all. It pains me every time a truly horrible disaster happens we lose more of our brothers and sisters. To stop this we must learn to love our earth mother and protect her well being. The reason I am showing you my true thoughts and beliefs is to prove I am different from almost all other men. Not because of my disability but through my soul my truest self is shown.
I use to be completely scared to tell others of my condition but I believe being honest to others let’s me be honest to myself. To embrace myself will let others embrace me in my beautiful wonderment. The depth of one’s soul is who we are nothing less or nothing more. I all want is to find the woman whose soul is complementary to mine.


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