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Why Yui is in my blog header

The reason Yui was chosen for my blog header, is because I can easily relate to her situation. If you have seen the Angel Beats! Anime then you’ll understand why. For those of you who haven’t all I can is she disabled like me. Yui sings a song called “My Most Precious Treasure” (一番の宝物, Ichiban no Takaramono), sang by Girls Dead Monster feat. LiSA. Every time I hear this song I usually shed some tears. It’s a touchingly beautiful song; everyone should give it a listen.


BoA – Milestone

BoA will release her new Japanese single Milestone on December 7th. It was first aired on J-WAVE Radio ‘paradiso’ a day or 2 ago. Enjoy!

Going in a new direction

I’ve decide to change the direction of this blog. My true passion in life is music from Japan and east Asia. I want to show the world the beautiful music coming from those countries. I will still post about other things just not as often as before. The blog name will still stay the same since it still fits.

I believe deep within my soul that music can bring peace to the insanity that exists in our world. Creativity is the most important aspect to humanity. Without it we as a people wouldn’t have a reason to exist. Our hopes and dreams is where creativity stems from. Everyone has creativity within their selves, for some it may be harder to find than for others. Let your inner muse shine through and share it with the world!

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