The year 2009 best of…

These are solely based on my own opinion, if you disagree that is fine.

Anime of the Year:

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
Due to how human the story is and the fact it was a tear jerker is why it was my anime of 2009.
Runner up:  Eden of the East

Animated Movie of the Year:

Hayao Miyazaki really what else is there to say.  A beautifully hand drawn masterpiece.  Runner up: The Princess and the Frog

Character of the Year:

Mio Akiyama
Cute and plays a mean Fender Jazz Bass.  Overall a well designed character.
Runner up: Bayonetta

Computer Animated Movie of the Year:

A dark tale done artfully with an excellent story.
Runner up:  Up

Figure of the Year:

Alter’s Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere
An absolutely grand and well detailed figure.  A great display piece.
Runner up: Kotobukiya’s Black Widow Marvel Bishoujo Statue

Game of the Year:

Muramasa – The Demon Blade
Beautifully done game set in an intriguing Japanese folklore setting.  Old school style gameplay equals a win.
Runner Up: Bayonetta

Jpop song of the Year:

Futuristic Imagination by School Food punishment
First song I heard of theirs and now they’re one of my favorite bands from Japan.  The sound they produce is just amazing.

Have a great 2010 guys!


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