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Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 makes me cry


I watched episode 5 of this amazing series yesterday and it had me in tears.  What makes Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 unique is how human it is.

The story behind Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is an earthquake hits Tokyo that measured 8.0 on the Richter scales.  It follows the siblings Mirai and Yuki who were at a robot exhibition in Odaiba when it hit.  A female motorcycle courier named Mari is helping Mirai and Yuki get to there parents house after the earthquake happens.

Another interesting fact about Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is they ran simulations to make the earthquake in this series as realistic as possible.

Okay now back to the purpose of this post.  In episode 5 Mirai see’s one of her classmate crying over her mother who was killed during the earthquake.  She also meets an elder couple who lost their grandchildren who came to visit them during the earthquake but died because of it.  Death is a very hard thing to deal with in any circumstance.  I admit that I deal with death very badly.  The emotion within this episode were very well done and how realistic the characters deal with all these hardships is just amazing.  I must give mad props to the voice actors who make these characters so human.

Has an anime made you cry before or feel a deep emotion?

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